Xtreme Trout

This Tennessee Company specializes in guiding charter groups or individuals to the most pristine fishing spots in the southeast. Received a National Addy Award 2013; featured in Communication Arts and Archive. (Creative Director & Copywriter)

headline: Mountains. Valleys. Flatlands. A river can run through a lot of things. Even a soul.

body copy (for all): We're for 6AM gas station coffee. We're for the kind of therapy that can only occur with a fly rod in your hand. We're for beauty that is stream deep. And we're for the idea that some kinds of magic can only be pulled out of water. Think. Tie. Cast. Fish. 615-438-2119 xtremetrout.com Nashville, Tennessee

headline: There are still people who appreciate what the earth was like before Google got a hold of it.

headline: Sometimes poetry happens on a page. Other times it happens on a river.

headline: There's a reason why you never hear men talk about tennis trips.